Friday, February 12, 2010


Continues. The circular saw arrived and I have been putting it to good work.

The countertops are done and sheetrock has been hung on the ceiling. It is the top priority inside project. Time to mud, sand, repeat. Then I paint the kitchen, living and dining rooms and finish with a bunch of molding. I think I will hire out the floor refinishing.

Outside I have almost got the new chicken coop finished. The big toy is finished and ready for the clubhouse to be built.

I have finished most of the trimming. I have planted a himalayan birch as a screen between me and my neighbor. I caught him trimming my tree and he asked if I wanted it cut down. My answer is to plant another tree right next to it. Another neighbor is considering my request to plant an orchard in their field so that we will have lots of apples for cider in the fall. Lots of weeding left to do.

I have made tons of house repair money selling my old stuff on craigslist. If I haven't used it in a couple of years, i am selling it. I also sold 5 of the necky's on CL.

Pictures coming when I get the camera fixed. Don't forget valentines day.

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