Friday, February 19, 2010

Beautiful weather today. Spent all day putting the clubhouse together. The thing is a monster. We finished most of it. Still a little staining to finish and I ran out of roofing materials so I still have half the roof to finish. Also, I have an old outdoor blind that I will use for a door and some window shades.

The big toy was given to us when our church was getting rid of it. The windows are from a blown out section of our greenhouse.

The kids helped get the walls up on the platform and get the roof erected. This picture shows the walls together and the end rafters in place.

Now we have the roof on and the tar paper laid

Windows in and Sarah is sizing it up.

David has woken up from his nap and checking out the new fun house.

View from the street. It is just a matter of time before the county govnmt comes by to tell me I can't do what I just done. Or some nose in yer business neighbor will call thw authorities.

Still need to stain the upper triangles and exposed rafters but it is pretty sharp. the neighbors will have all weekend to get a good look at her. All the tree ends where there are stubs are where he cut my tree back. Well now he can look at the fun house instead of my tree.

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