Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The four walls of Kevin's Krazy Klubhouse are finished. Mathew is applying the stain. I had Mathew do a little figuring for practise to sort out where to cut the notches for the roof beams. We are doing a simple 90 degree roof. Makes the figuring much easier. Mathew has been throwing the hammer a bit and hit his thumb once or twice.

We need to cut the rafters and the plywood for the roof. Pretty easy work. We want everything ready to go before we assemble it on the big toy. The neighbor should be thoroughly pissed. This is payback for him putting his heat pump outside my kitchen window. This thing is going to be massive. I have some old glass out of the greenhouse that we will use for windows. The wife asked if I am going to bolt it down so it doesn't blow away. She really has no idea what is going on here. The thing will probably weigh 500lbs. I am a bit worried that the big toy platform might collapse under the weight.

We will get the final supplies after Ash Wednesday services tomorrow and should
have it assembled tomorrow. Lent begins tomorrow

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