Monday, April 14, 2008

We had an incredible weekend up in bellingham. It is a great place to workout and train. Seegs came down from BC and Cyril even had a wedding on Lummi island so he joined us for Sunday. Saturday morning we had breakfast and headed down to Laraby SP. We ran the 30k center of the chuckunut 50k course. The 10k beginning and end is just a railraod grade in and out and not worth running. It was a geourgeous day. This was JVG's first big run since BVG joined the family. I would bet that she is fairly sore today. I don't hink that I could run that distance so soon after a C section.

After the run we loosed up with some frisbee and transitioned to paddling. We got it just over an hour. I was hoping to 2-4 but such is life. we also found a great climbing wall that we can top rope next time out.

Seegs went home on Saturday night and Sunday we hit Galbraith. this was my first time riding up there and it was great. It is a nice mix of terraine and stunts. It was alot like capital forest, banner and a bit of seatac all rolled into one. i will definitely be back for more.

Photo above is RVg riding a log skinny

RVG adjusting his seat for the downhill ride.

Running the back valley of Chuckunut. normally during the race, this is a 10k mud pit. Best conditions I have ever seen.

View of Baker from chuckunut ridge

Jen taking in the view.

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