Sunday, April 20, 2008

An unfolding
Opening out or working out
Process of development
Gradual, progresssive change
A movement that is part of a series or pattern

Those of you who know what I read will know the source and reason for this. I read a book where the participants described the workouts they were doing as "Evolutions". This took a while to sink in but it makes perfect sense. After all, those who do specific training for specific races are hoping to achieve anatomical adaptations that lead to better performances. The evolutions that we do lead to changes in our bodies that ultimately help us to win.

With that in mind, is there a specific reason for a workout that you are doing. Is it part of a larger training plan or evolution. If not, why are you doing it? Are you calling it a training when in fact it is just wasted time? I need to ask myself all the time, what benefit will this training do for me? How will it lead me to improve. How would I classify it? What specific anatomical adaptation will it achieve?
I have three primary goals for 2008
1. Qualify for and win the USARA championships
2. Win the checkpoint tracker series
3. Win the US rogaine championship

This weekend was time well spent toward those goals. Saturday I ran 20 miles up at Green mtn. My winter was spent injured and my running suffered. I have been attempting to increase my mileage and time on feet. It is a slow process of increasing mileage in order to avoid overuse injuries. I wasn't real fast but I ran all the hills and was completely pain free. Pupose - endurance and hillsToday I paddled around Bainbridge Isl. all 26.3 miles of it. Same deal working up my mileage and endurance. I have many other workouts including, speed, hills, tempo, and recovery. And of course, these are applied to my three main discipline sports.

What are you doing to get you to your goal?
Lord Cromwell

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