Thursday, February 14, 2008

The single speed has been reborn. Ressurrected from the twisted ashpile that was formed from hard asphalt and Jaguar bumper. Pieces of which are now mounted on my wall of fame. I was able to purchase some used parts and salvage a few. Now I am running with a combination black and red/white. The reconstruction took place in my living room. Forged with screaming infants and toddlers at my back and crabby teanagers with attitude. Paying close attention to detail I gently carressed the parts back into place. She is a thing of beauty.

There is only one problem. Can you see it. I told RVG so he can't have a bite at this one. A jar of homemade peach jam to the first person who correctly identifies the major F-up with my rebuild.

Lord Cromwell


DARTvg said...

Nice G!!!!! I can see it ;-)

Kimberly said...

Crankset is on the wrong side?

Glenn said...

Kimberly wins the prize