Sunday, January 14, 2007

I feel like my training is finally getting focused. My goal A race is the Baja Traversia at the end of March so I have two months of 20 hour/week full on multispot training ahead of me. After taking December for a build period, I feel my body is ready for some long duration together with some intensity.

I started the endurance phase on Saturday night with Bridal Trails 50k. It was a great crisp night with snow and ice all over. My goal was a constant pace, no IT pain, and a respectable finish. My laps were 40,42,44,45,45,46. so I think i got the pace down. My IT hurt a bit during the first and second lap but after that it was fine with no pain. I finished in 4:22 which was 1 minute back from 2005(last year with comparable conditions), third overall and two minutes behind second. In 2005 my pace was all over the place so while my time was the same, i feel my performance was much better.

Along lap 4 I came across my teammate Jen S. Now at the beginning of the race she told me that it was an easy base training for her so I was suprised to find her in front of me. Her light had gone out so we shared on the way in and i gave her my backup at the transition. From then on we ran together pushing each other. It was the best Bridal yet. I had a great time talking and trading off the pacesetting. Here are the details:

During the race every hour I took 1 Race Cap, 1 Mito Cap and 2 endurolytes. I took 2 ibuprophin at the start and two more halfway through. With one hour to go I took an ATP. I fueled on flasks of perpetum. 3 scoops with 3 oz water in each flask. I drank 16oz water per lap (45 minute laps). I would have added nuun to the water but I don't have any. I can't wait to get more to add to my bottle. This is truly great stuff. Add it to your water. It tastes great without being overpowering but replenishes electrolytes in proportion to your fluid consumption.

On the outside of my right foot just below the ankle there is some kind of bruise that hurt this morning. Inner hip flexors felt a bit sore but with no hill my quads/hamstrings are in great shape. Next week I will push a bit harder with the hills and cap peak 50k where the goal will be the same, solid race with no IT issues and no injures. I will not push too hard just a consistent pace.

Post race I had Recoverite with vitamins E, 2Grams C, fish oil, mito cap, race cap, 2 TR, phytomax, and half packet of hammer vitamins. One hour later I repeated with with some solid food in between. I think that this really helped with recovery.

Now on to the next two months. My lengths will get longer and harder. Every week my long training will increase on foot, bike, and boat. I will continue with an interval session each week in each of the disiplines, and I will add hills. Also, I will be doing back to back longs on succeeding days. It is going to be great. Right now the winter woods and waters are beautiful. I only wish I could bike more but the ice is a menace. I don't have my training plan posted but you can follow my progress on:

Of course this can only happen with Cheryl's help. she is home with the baby and is also watching Kevin. So this allows my hours to increase.

Lord Cromwell


Anonymous said...

nice run dude. you looked strong on your way out to lap 4.

Glenn said...

how did you find me???? I was trying to stay on the sly until I got all the bugs worked out