Monday, January 08, 2007

The baby was was born this morning. If you don't beleive in miracles, you need be at the birth of a human and then watch them grow. Human life is not just a random meeting of molecules. Life itself is not random. We all know it. If it were, chaos would rein. Tere would be no difference between right and wrong, good and evil.

The labor party began last night. I write this as i saw it. Obviously my description is not reality because I can never experience the pain or joy of birth. (I beleive that empathy is a oxymoron). Cheryl was having contractions for the last few days but as she described them, they were not painful nor consistent. However, last night they became both. During dinner at 7 she started telling us when they started and stopped. They seemed to be about 5-8 minutes apart.

Now guys, there really isn't must you can do for a woman that is in labor. I think that is why historically women have taken care of women during child birth. They have all been there and know the proceedure. So all i can do is constantly ask what she needs. (answer to be done with this which I can't do much about). so we settled in for a long labor party. She wanted ice cream and a movie so I obliged with moose tracks and the Da Vinci code.

we stayed up until 11 and went to bed. Once again there is much I can do so I tell her to let me know if she needs anything and when it is time to got. I tried to get some sleep but it really doesn't work that way. At 2:30 she tells me its time to go so we got Laura out to the car and told Sarah we were leaving.

Now Sarah was at Kevin's birth and opted out of this one but Laura wanted to be there to help. I think that the best gift you can give your kids is the experience of child birth (If theyare mature enough for it.) It should be great birth control later out (The results of ones actions should always be made clear to them and this is an eye opener.), and once again historically one generation taught the next. I think that for must of us born after 1940 we lost this instruction. By Laura help her mother, she will be better prepared when she is older. She should be so afraid of childbirth. Of course older children and larger families can learn this way. By being part of this miracle, she is bonded to her brothers. this is a gift that many children don't get simply by virture of their parents choice for a small family.

Where was I? that right off to the hospital. We arrived at 3:10 and Cheryl started laboring hard. She began to hold my hand aand crushed it so I gave her a plastic handrail to hold. it seemed to me that we were in for a long labor so I sent Laura out for coffee. BAM the water breaks all over then place and the room went from quiet to 6 people in there. Now they look at the water because sometimes when the baby is under stress he craps on the way out. This is a problem because it gets in his stomach and worse yet coats his lungs. So they got extra help for this reason.

Now I won't go into the physical details but let me say that it is painful and physically tough on one's body. I think that this kid was the toughest yet on Cheryl. Because of the poop mentioned above. They have extra procedures to clean his mouth and lungs asap, so unfortunately, he was my only child that I didn't get to cut the cord. He was born at 4:38AM

He was quite and at peace like Kevin. I told the baby nurse not to worry about him not crying. He was just happy to be here. They cleanned up mom and baby and let them sleep in a room. Laura and I went home. It was the nicest day in a month. no rain or wind

Laura went to bed and I was pumped up so i went for a ride and a kayak. the whole family return tonight for the naming party. We haven't settled yet but we should get his name by tomorrow as we get to know him better.

Peace be with you
Lord Cromwell

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Lord Cromwell, you never cease to amaze me.