Thursday, November 16, 2006

The weather here is miserable. The winter winds and rain have started. The extended forecast calls for rain through April '07. Undetered, I stopped to get more plants at Stroh's (local feed store). The weather is perfect for planting. After Stroh's a took the bike step. The only road bike I have is a nice tri bike. It is a pain to ride in the winter. Last year I fried the bottom bracket. Also, I spend as much time cleaning the bike and gears as I did riding it. So... I bot a single speed. My thoughts are that it is the cheapsest bike I could get, It has less moving parts that can break or need cleaning, and I am using it in the winter for base training so my speed isn't as important as hours on bike and the easier it is to get out the better. I will put full fenders on it. this will be like back in the day when I was a kid and rode my old stingray everywhere. I would just take off for the day and ride.

Today I will start with a swim and go to yoga. Sarah and Mathew have early dismissal for conferences. I will go there mid-day and later in the afternoon Mathew and I will work on the fort some more. Tonight I will either run or use the paddle machine. I feel like I am finally getting back on track. My training hours are going up and my calories are going down. I need to get back down to 165 by Jan 1. Which is the start of the ultra running season.

Lord Cromwell

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