Sunday, September 29, 2013

Day 7 August 22th Upper Mongolia, Seattle

Some random guy early in the morning on the way to the ferry
The Road
We left Jenny’s at 5:00AM made the quick ride down on the Elliot Bay Trail to catch the 6AM ferry to Bainbridge. It was pretty unremarkable road riding for most of the day. We took whatever back roads we could find up to Port Gamble, Across the Hood Canal Bridge and 101 onward toward Sequim. We ran into a biking couple from Austria biking around the state. The guy had a great horn. Just before Sequim we got on the Olympic Discovery Trail and took it into town.
Sunrise over Elliott Bay

Coming into Port Gamble
Sequim was our third and final stop at an Alzheimer’s facility. We were lucky that both Trisha Averill and Keri Pollock of the Alzheimer’s Association were at Discovery Memory Care. Once again we had a great stop visiting residents and talking about our trip. They gave us a huge bag of food and we were off for Port Angeles on the trail.

Getting on the Olympic discovery Trail

This trail is mostly railroad grade but they have lost a lot of the right of way and bridges. So the trail is on and off public road, big drops into rivers and climbs out, and strange 90 degree turns to steep climbs. This was not what we expected but the last few miles were right down along the Strait of Juan De Fuca and it was a beautiful ride into Port Angeles. Once there we went shopping for food and talking to a nice couple from France who had been biking across the continent for the last 4 months. I marked on their map where we lived, gave them my email, and invited them to stay with us. We rode out of town to a campground, had a large meal and relished our last night on the road.

Strait of Juan de Fuca
Stats for the day
92 miles At Goal
4,400ft ascent/4100ft descent
15hr 11min total time
More pics HERE

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