Monday, January 21, 2008

What a great weekend. aaron, Hayes and I went to roll practice on Friday night with the guys for the Outdoor adventure center. I forgot my nose plugs but was finally able to get it done. Next time I am going to bring the sea kayak and work with it. Aaron lost his roll and was doing underwater helocopters. And Matt Hayes was a fish going over and over in circles around us.

I you ever have an inclination to improve your kayak skills, the are in the Juanita pool every Friday night from 9:00-10:30. After that I drove down to the Cap Forest FA trailhead and slept in my car. It was a great race. I have never seen so many people there and the tent/fire/food setup was way nicer than it has ever been. It is bordering on becoming a normal race and losing its FA quality.

Because there was so much snow at the top, they excluded the top half of the loop and added a Lost valley loop. Lost valley is a great place with lots of mud. This made the course a bit longer but lopped off a bunch of elevation. still it was a great course and it was a nice change to run Lost valley. I only did one loop becasue my knee is having serious problems. But I did go Mtn bike riding with Matt Hayes and Robin Smith afterwards in the mud and rain.

Needless to say, When I woke up on sunday i could barely move my knee. something is seriously wrong and i am hopefull that when i see the Dr tomorrow, he will fix it. the goos news is that my knee go a good long rest on Sunday as we paddled around Vashon Island. RVG, Aaron, and Frenchie all headed out clockwise with the wind. We portaged and thereby didn't go around Mury isl. But on our way back up to the N side of the Isl, the wind that helped us down punished us unmercifully. 28.5 miles and 6 hours later, we returned to the launch and sat down for some great mex food.

My plan had me riding long and hard today but at this point I am sure that anything short of resting my knee will only cause more problems. so we are just hanging out enjoying the sun.

Lord Cromwell

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