Thursday, November 15, 2007


That is the only way I can describe the feeling of a car driving straight toward you without seeing you and knowing it will soon hit you and there is nothing you can do about it.

Last night Cheryl didn't have school, the dinner was made for all 5 kids and the night was mine. It was dark and starting to rain and I was himming and hawing between riding my bike or just driving to the Y. I committed to riding. There was Yoga at 6:45, spin at 7:45 and then a 30 minute core class. After that I could just get back on my bike and ride on. This was going to be great. I could get 4 focused hours in.

Back in the work world I had guys that worked for me at the Chicago Mercatile Exchange "The Merc" and the Chicago Board Of Trade. These guys worked in the pits and were hooked up to me electronically in NY. Occasionally dealers in the pits would put on bad trades. These were positions that would go really wrong. Sometimes they would just keep loading it on getting deeper and deeper. In fact, it was my job to blow them up, sometimes. I had a big firm behind me and after all, it was a zero sum game and they were trying to do the same to me. Occassionally, these guys would be physically removed from the pit when their capital was expended. Sometimes they would have a heart attack and they would be removed. In either case the guy was "Carried Out" as in "that guy just got carried out". It would be said with a laugh and snicker but deep down we all hoped that our number wouldn't be coming up anytime soon.

Last night I got carried out.

Riding on the road scares me. I prepared well. I went for the best light. I dug out the team Light and Motion HID. This is one intense som bitch. I put the flashy red on the back, I put on the reflective vest, heck, I even had reflectors on my wheels. It wasn't enough. I was riding well and felt safe as I headed up Wollochet towards Hwy 16. After I crossed the overpass, there is an intersection. Oncoming traffic has a long approach left turn lane. One car turned left way in front of and across me and a second was approaching to turn. As always when I am uncomfortable with a car, I pointed the HID straight at her. I illuminated her interior. I wiggled my head back and forth in a no motion to signal her. She appeared as though she was slowing and maybe stopping. But she didn't so I spotlighted her again. As she entered the intersection it was clear that she wasn't stopping and I was already in the intersection. I gave it one hard push to try and avoid her. She never hit her brakes.

She clipped my rear triangle and immediately threw me airborne. I can remember watching her bumber hit my bike and then I was down in the middle of the road pounding the pavement. I was pissed. I got my ass up and out in this crappy night, had a good workout planned and now I'm laying in the middle of the road in the rain. at least I had my Alpha SL keeping me dry. After sufficient pounding to get my anger out I got up and knew that nothing was seriously dammaged. A guy came up to me as I was dragging my bike out of the road. he kept telling me to sit down and I kept trying get up and assess the situation. You know check the bike check me. I told him I would just ride home and he told me to sit down and shut up. People were standing around on their phones horns were honking and I just wanted a little yoga. I took 600mg of ibuprophin (reflext action) and asked him for some dirt.

In my mind this guy was in the car that hit me. yah, of course if you hit somebody you rush to there aid right? So I was nice to the guy but eventually ask "did you hit me?" Of course not, it was a woman so were is she. I see all sorts of people but not her. She is gone, drove off. I felt sorry for her. More action now cops/firemen. now I really just want to ride home into the dark. But of course my bike doesn't work anymore.

Free ride in the medic car complete with tests and a policeman to take the report. Cheryl is now on her way and the policeman tells me that the woman came back but I don't see her. My blood pressure is through the roof 167/110 as I am still pumped but in fact I was so out of it that I wouldn't realize until today.

But I am alive. Kevin tells me he missed me and doesn't want me to have an owey. This morning he broke out his tools to fix my bike. My left side is knackered and I have been shaking all day. Notice the piece of car stuck to my bike

Post Script:
I went to get the police report. The lady claims she had a green arrow. I called her to get her insurance. She hasn't called me. What a let down. I sense another long drawn out saga.

Post Post Script:
I went to my kids conferences tonight. We I walked in the band teacher comes up to me and asks how my hip was doing. I said WHAT...did Sarah tell you about it. He says "I was the guy ho pulled you out of the road" He was the guy that kept telling me to sit down. I remember everything so vividly except his face. I know this guy really well but i was just out of it. He told me that he was behind me and saw the whole thing. He couldn't believe the lady hit me and how much air time I got. He also confirmed that I had the green light. What a roller coaster 24.

Lord Cromwell


Hart said...

riveting story. i'm happy you are alive and recovering. i have so many close calls here in seattle it sometimes seems like an odds game and at some point if you ride every day... you will get hit.

sorry to hear this dood, but be thankful she didn't kill you.

DARTvg said...

Glad you are ok G! Scary stuff...

Michmas said...

In-credible!! I think we have some of the WORST drivers in the world. Totally and completely oblivious. I'm so sorry you had to go through that, but I'm glad you are ok. Fabien said to bring the bike by TiCycles and they'll give you a 10%discount on any repairs.

Michmas said...

Tag - you are it!
Check out my blog to figure out what this means :)

THRILL said...

i am so sorry. that sucks. really sucks. i am glad you are ok. my god. i like the picture. ye-ouch.

Jen Segger-Gigg said...

Dude - scary as hell! Glad that you are ok and on the mend. I guess it shows that we dont have to be in the middle of nowhere to experience adventure eh. Get better and get to that yoga class ok!