Saturday, June 02, 2007

Roger getting a rub down
Originally uploaded by gtrogers.

Right before the rogaine last weekend I caught roger and Yumay lathering up Rog for the big race. I didn't ask what was being applied but the whole situation looks like something that should have taken place in the bedroom.

Also notice the fancy short shorts. I wore a pair like that once and Cyril let me have it. the whole camp gave Roger unending grief about them. But alas Roger did make it second and mike and I had to stop early. Mike's stomach completely shut down on him. It was quite scary. Whenever he ate or drank he would throw up violently.

Next time I am going to get Mike on a Hammer nutrition diet for the race.

Lord Cromwell


THRILL said...

YOU ARE SO FUNNY. Cracking up about Roger. I am sorry about Mike... hope he is ok.

DARTvg said...

getting stale G...give us something on teh blogger front.