Thursday, March 15, 2007

The good news is that Mathew knew to stop before he chucked up. He got about halfway through in 15 minutes and then the wheels came off. After the bread, he tried walking around the outside of the house but to no avail. He spent alot of time peeing in the bathroom afterwards.

Today I did some final shopping before the race. Walmart is great and has just about everything. My cart must have been a bit strange.

Clear shelf paper for maps
yoga square for foot brace in the kayak
jumprope I saw it and always wanted to incorporate it into my training
glowsticks 8
tide table I am bringing back the sailboat next week
coffee filters Cheryl bot a new coffee pot but the 5000 filter left over from costco don't fit
electrical tape
space blanket
condoms 12 you never know what might happen in that space blanket in Mex.

Just kidding about the condoms. My faith frowns upon contraceptives

Lord Cromwell

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Tamara & John Armstrong said...

That would explain your 5 kids! Good luck in Baja.